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  • 1.Our promise for imvu credits delivery is 8 mins-24 hour!
  • 2.After you pay or while you are paying,please come to our live chat support.One of our operator will arrange a trade with you in imvu.
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Making purchases using mobile phones is popular on IMVU, and no wonder! It is lightening fast, super simple, and does not require a credit card. However, until very recently, IMVU users have only been able to purchase Credits and VIP subscriptions, but not our popular weekly bundles. We've now changed that, enabling users in the US who have an agreement with Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile to buy whatever they wish from our credit store. We are especially delighted that T-Mobile and its over 33 million subscribers can now support IMVU's Creator Community through buying the bundles created by our amazingly talented Creators!

Purchases made with your mobile phone are completely safe: a secret code is sent to your phone during the purchase process and this code is required to complete the purchase. Every transaction uses a different and unique code. In addition, IMVU does not re-bill your phone automatically; it is a one-off purchase.

For further protection, some mobile phone carriers have implemented an additional safety step, requiring that you enter your billing zip code. This prevents use of your phone if it is lost or stolen. Remember - do not make a purchase unless you have the permission of the phone owner (if that person is not you). The purchase will appear on your next phone bill. 

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