This talent spec is currently the most popular one used by players

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The Feral Combat school is used primarily for tanking and melee DPS. Some other specs may use a couple of early talents to finish off their builds here as well. This tree will primarily fortify your armor, increase your IMVU Credits damage done and reduce the amount and types of damage taken.

This talent spec is currently the most popular one used by players as they level up or farm Cheap WoW Gold in the game as it provides the best balance between fast DPS and survivability.

Furor: Furor at 5 points grants you 10 rage in bear form and allows you to keep 100% of your energy in cat form when you shape-shift into these forms. This talent almost seems out of place in the restoration school, however there are many feral builds that spend 14-16 points in restoration and this is an excellent starter.

Predatory Strikes: This is a three point max talent that increases your melee attack power by 50/100/150% in cat and bear forms and increases your attack power by 7/14/20% from your weapon.

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