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Delivery Information

  • 1.Our promise for imvu credits delivery is 8 mins-24 hour!
  • 2.After you pay or while you are paying,please come to our live chat support.One of our operator will arrange a trade with you in imvu.
  • 3.Our usual trade spot in imvu in the game.

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Product Name Server Price Action
30 K Credits Imvu 32.70 USD
40 K Credits Imvu 43.60 USD
50 K Credits Imvu 54.50 USD
60 K Credits Imvu 65.39 USD
70 K Credits Imvu 76.29 USD
80 K Credits Imvu 87.19 USD
90 K Credits Imvu 98.09 USD
100 K Credits Imvu 108.99 USD
200 K Credits Imvu 217.98 USD
300 K Credits Imvu 326.97 USD
400 K Credits Imvu 435.96 USD
500 K Credits Imvu 544.95 USD
600 K Credits Imvu 653.94 USD
700 K Credits Imvu 762.93 USD
800 K Credits Imvu 871.92 USD
900 K Credits Imvu 980.91 USD
1000 K Credits Imvu 1089.90 USD


We can deliver IMVU credits very, very fast. So you don't need to play hours for a little IMVU credit. Once you order from our website, you can contact us through our live chat to take your IMVU credits. We are always online waiting for you. Because of our service is 24/7-online.

Do you know how to order IMVU credits on our site?
First you can choose the server. Then choose your amount of IMVU credit you need. Then put them into the shopping cart. Then check out. The following steps it will guide to do. It is very easy and convenient to buy IMVU credits here. You can pay by or card and so on.
After you order IMVU credits, we will send you an email. Please remember to check your email where you can have all of the contacting ways which we also have on our site. Please contact us, we will deliver IMVU credits to you in minutes.

1.Our promise for IMVU sending is 10mins-24 hours!
2.After you pay, please contact with our online support then to make a fixed time for the face to face trade.
3.If you spend more than USD 100 on it , please contact with our online support asap to speed up your order process.
4.Please understand that if your account has been banned after the delivery with us,we can't help to get back the account or make the refund to you, please contact the game master immediately to get back your account.

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